Bakery Programs


Seasonal Cakes & In-Store Bakery Programs.

Our desserts are customized for food service and in-store bakeries, which means they are baked fresh, then flash-frozen for ease of storage and transportation. Our hand-decorated, customized cakes come in a variety of package sizes. Sugarplum desserts are flash-frozen to seal in natural freshness

On the day of your event, simply set the cake on the counter for 30 minutes to let it thaw, then slice and serve your guests a fresh, restaurant quality cake

You can feel good about indulging in our desserts.

We serve more than 60 varieties of quality desserts featuring pure chocolate, real whipping cream, roasted nuts, grade A butter, premium cream cheese and natural flavours. We make the majority of our desserts from scratch at our modern facility in Langley, British Columbia. We source locally produced and processed ingredients wherever possible.

Sugarplum works closely with food service distributors to develop exclusive and novel desserts that reflect their customers’ changing tastes. We also work closely with retailers to provide the exact dessert products they require.

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Sugarplum works closely with food service distributors and in-store bakeries, so we have a large inventory of cakes at our factory. Our customized cakes come in a variety of package sizes, so you’ll be able to find something to serve your group.